5 Ways Rod and Cup Holders Simplify Your Fishing Experience

Thousands of people enjoy recreational and sport fishing it is one of the most popular activities in the United States. Who doesn’t get a thrill that moment you get a fish on the line? On your next fishing trip make it more relaxing with the proper equipment.

Having trouble juggling between your drink and rod? This can be quite difficult, especially when you get a fish on the line. Combination rod and cup holders allow you to easily switch your drink for your rod!

Here are the reasons why you should consider purchasing a boat with combination rod and cup holders or installing them separately on your boat.

The Mate Series Solution

The solution to combination rod and cup holders is simple; you no longer need to cut two separate holes in your boat, when one hole works perfectly. These combination holders work exactly like a traditional cup or rod holder; they are simply combined into one. This gives you the ability to free up space; instead of having four cup holders and four rod holders, you only need four combination holders or you can have eight!

The primary point is to minimize the amount of clutter on your boat, especially clutter that is not efficient towards your primary goal, to catch fish and relax! Additionally, with less clutter comes less maintenance for your vessel.

Bait and Switch

Avoid being a juggler! Every second counts when a fish strikes. You don’t want to be the person who misses a fish, when trying to find a spot for your drink.

Mate Series developed the first dual-use rod and cup holders, which solved the number one issue to the longstanding dilemma of how to reel in a fish when you have a drink in your hand. Stop searching, simply switch you drink for your rod.

Fishing Rod Holder Angles

Similar to other fishing rod holders, Mate Series combo holders come in all angles, including 0 degree, 15 degree and 30 degree angles. Whether you are installing them on the transom, port or starboard sides of your vessel you can find the proper angle that will best suit your needs.

Quality Materials

Mate Series combination holders are built strong and produced in two different materials. The first is high quality 316 stainless steel which protects the holders from corrosion. Secondly, you can purchase your rod and cup holders in ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic. This type of plastic is extremely tough, impact resistant and works great for kayak fishing.

Your Boat’s Appearance

Are you a boat enthusiast and an avid fisher? If so, you want your boat to be fully equipped and look fantastic. You should make your boat enjoyable for yourself and your guests, be able to put multiple lines in the water, and to make fishing a stress free and hands free activity or sport.

To start improving your boats appearance, as previously stated, start by creating a clutter free environment by removing those outdated individual cup and rod holders and upgrade to combination holders.

The Bottom Line

When you invest in quality equipment for your boat such as Mate Series combination rod and cup holders, you will not have to worry about the products longevity.  The installation process is simple and your fishing excursion will be pleasurable! Free up space, stop searching for cup holders, and start catching more fish!