Plastic Versus Stainless Steel Fishing Rod Holders

Sitting beside a river on a scorching hot day, with a cold drink in one hand and your fishing rod in the other, is a favoured pastime around the globe. Although, people love to fish because it can be done wherever you wish to venture, and it isn’t limited to just your local river. Plus, whether you catch a 10lb fish in a lake, or a 50lb fish out at sea, the idea of catching something with your own skills can be extremely rewarding.

Now, of course, there are many tools of the trade, including bait, hooks and nets. But, it’s fair to say that the most important is the fishing rod. Opting for the correct fishing rod can be the difference between hauling a ton of fish in, or catching the odd one or two. So, if you’re serious about fishing, it’s important that you get your setup right.

Moreover, if you’re one of those anglers that tends to go out on a boat, then you’d benefit greatly from a holder to maintain your rod’s position. You see, having to hold a rod exactly where you want it for a prolonged period of time can be incredibly taxing on your muscles, and you wont be able to perform optimally.

But, it’s not as simple as just picking up any old holder from your local store; you need to select one carefully, as the size of the boat and your fishing location will determine what will be the best fit for you. However, the common argument is whether to go for a plastic holder, or its stainless steel counterpart…


Typically, anglers favour plastic fishing rod holders if they’re trying to stay within a budget. However, that’s not to say they aren’t a brilliant option, because they can be. If you generally fish in calmer waters, and it’s rare to come across extraordinarily large fish, then plastic holders will work wonderfully.

Essentially, if you desire a cheap and cheerful rod holder, and you usually don’t experience too much strain on the rod, then it would be wise to go for a plastic holder. Alternatives, such as fiberglass and nylon, are around the same price, but they aren’t as sturdy as plastic, and you’ll notice a difference.

Stainless Steel

On the other hand, if you have a passion for exploring new venues to fish, and you often come across rough waters that are home to some bigger fish, then a stainless steel rod holder may be a smarter choice. Stainless steel is a strong metal, and they’ll provide you with a lot of stability when trolling in a seaway.

In addition, you’ll find that stainless steel rod holders are pricier, but that’s because they are far superior in terms of quality, durability and rigidity. So, if you’re looking to take your fishing game to the next level, stainless steel rod holders would help you to do that.